EP Reader Workbooks

This is not a course. It’s a complement to the readers. There are NOT 180 days. It has vocabulary exercises for where there are vocabulary activities in the reading course, as well as extra activities.

The EP Readers have vocabulary and reading activities in them and students are instructed to write their answers on a separate piece of paper. If you have the workbook, they can do the exercises in there instead. Other times the reader will instruct them to review the vocab or to use an online review game. Those are times they can use the workbook instead. These are being made by a family that has blessed EP; proceeds will go to them.

Can be used for the vocabulary activities and review days in the reader.

First Level Workbook



Second Level Workbook



Third Level Workbook



Fourth Level Workbook



Fifth Level Workbook



Sixth Level Workbook



Seventh Level Workbook