Spring Cleaning

Pick a job for your age and get it done!

For Ages 2-5

  1. Pick up toys and books and put them away.
  2. Sort laundry.
  3. Get a bag or basket and collect clutter, things around the house that aren’t where they should be.
For Ages 6-8
  1. Wash windows.
  2. Dust / wipe surfaces.
  3. Wash baseboards.
  4. Clean out your closet and drawers. What fits? What’s old? Decide what should be passed on.

For Ages 9-12

  1. Vacuum the whole house.
  2. Mop the floors.
  3. Clean the kitchen, surfaces, cabinets, stove, oven.
  4. Change all the sheets.
  5. Wash blankets that are ready to be put away for the spring/summer.

For Ages 12 & Up

  1. Clean the bathrooms. Empty the trash. Wipe tub, sink, counter. Clean mirror. Can you clean/wash the shower curtain? Wipe the walls of the shower. Wipe the faucets. Clean the floor behind the toilet. :S  Mop the floor.
  2. Wash the car. Clean it on the inside too.
  3. Pick up sticks in the yard. Weed. Prune. Ask if there are any special projects.