Spring Cleaning Challenge

There’s a video and challenge for each day.

How about spending the first week of spring with a fresh start?

Let’s clean out our homes and get rid of the burden of all that clutter.

Spring Cleaning Steps:

  1. Declutter – You have a certain space for your stuff. Your goal is to only have as much stuff as fits in that space. Remove the stuff you aren’t using. You don’t need it! Don’t save it just in case. Let’s trust the Lord to provide even in this case.
  2. Clean – With a lot of stuff removed, now’s a good time to clean the space.
  3. Organize – Use bins and baskets to help keep like things together. Label your organization so others can keep it up and you won’t have to figure out again how you organized it.
  4. Motivation – Less stuff means less to pick up and put away, less stuff to worry about, less stuff to keep track of, less stuff to have to organize and deal with next time you clean

Spring Cleaning Challenge 1  (Clothing/Shoes – Don’t stuff your drawers or you’ll never use the things on the bottom. You don’t want your drawer to be full. This goes for shoes too! They should fit the area you have for them. Time to get rid of shoes that don’t fit or uncomfortable so you don’t wear them anyway.)

Spring Cleaning Challenge 2  (Games/Puzzles)

Spring Cleaning Challenge 3  (Supplies — paper, pencils…)

Spring Cleaning Challenge 4  (Toys/Books)

Spring Cleaning Challenge 5  (Bedroom/Closet – Kitchen)

Over the weekend, how about some cleaning? Clean under and behind the furniture. Wash the windows. Continue next week picking one spot each day, maybe a coffee table or end table?