Short Story Entries 2020

Winners will be announced Live on Youtube at noon (EST) on June 8th. They will also be posted. Find the links you want here.

Junior Division

Stomach Bug or Appendicitis

Ginger Tea

Artificial Materials

The Adventure of Nutty the Squirrel

Wallace’s New Life

Maple Syrup

Riding into the Sunset

The Mist

The UFO Sighting

Lilies on the Mississippi


Leila in the Woods

The Life of a Castle Maid

God’s Power In… Time

The Boy and the Toilet Paper

Hamster Tales

A Saved Life

How I Met Our Mother

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

Sisters No Matter What

The Storage Closet

The Crazy Adventures of Fun! Book 1

The Crazy Adventures of Fun! Book 2

Lora and the Awful School Jam

Snow and Dapple

Mr. Mess’ Mission

Baby Giraffes and their Herd

The Land Beyond the Oak Tree

The Dinner

The Gem

The Tale of Tobias: A True Story

The Magic Sweater

The Hero of the Bird Kingdom


That is My Home

Adventures in the Forest

Samson’s Story: A Dog’s Story Told by a Dog

Dan’s Birthday Adventure

The Adventures of Black and White

Tiny: The Boy Who Was One Inch Tall

A Gymnast’s Crazy Week

Chickens in the Thunderstorm

My Adventures in Fairyland

The Sword of Gràdhmòr

True Stories

The Donkey, the Goat, and the Lamb

The Girl Who Lived in the Clock

The Adventures of Albus Adidas

The Bamboo Thief (An Adventure in Pandapolis)

The Trip to Earth

The Troll Slayers

The Adventure of the Baby Unicorn

The Hiding Place

How Samantha Jones Was Saved

The Journey of a Plastic Water Bottle


The Time Children

Memory Lane

Arista’s Adventure

The Race

The Puzzle and the Puzzled

Once Upon a Summer’s Day

Cooking Catastrophe

Monkey Island

The Very Bad Hair Day

The Loop

She Knows Too Much

The Thrilling Adventures of TP Man

Joey Greg

How Covid-19 Affected My Life

The Woods from Another World

Harold the Dancing Sixty-Five year old


Princess TeaTea and the Valley of the Whispering Winds

The Lost Dragons

The Adventure of Sun Robot and Star Robot

The Feline Forces: Defenders of America

The Diary of Hope Bailey


Camping KRCtt

The Brave Warriors

Gavin’s Wish

Leaving Vanity Fair

The Rhyming Spell

Purple Rain

The Adventures of Scott and Sarah

Vacation Week!!!

The Missing Dollhouse

The Plan

The Story of Jessie the Alien

The Princess’ Dreams Come True

Power Stones Book l:The Blue Stone

The Three Princesses

Our Snowboarding Trip


There’s Still Hope in the Sky

Sarah White’s Adventure

The Two Wolves

Queen Goldie

Bella Caterpillar

Kombat Kids Klub


The Feeling of Home

The Discovery of a New Planet

The Tale of Two Treasure Seekers

Journey Through the Unknown Realm

A Time to Remember

The Rebellion

Farm Life

Poof the Magic Dragon

The Magical Fruit Bowl

Clover Princess

My Sweet Puppy

The Moving Trip

The Tropical Fish

The Heroine of Ladybug Land

The First Fly Ever

If I Could See the Earth

Just As I Am


A Journey Through My Imagination

A Bunny Tale


Home Sweet Home


Senior Division

Initiation Impudence

My Resurrection Story

A Soldier’s Perspective

Three “-ity” Wishes

Leaps of Faith

That’s Life

Springtime Colors

A Walk with the Tenses


Now, Mama!

He Made It Rain


The Meaning of Life

Born Again

On the Run

The Rolling Stones

The Taken

A Cat’s Adventure

Guardians of Mysteria

The Clockwork Dragon

The Mountain I Feared

Still Life

The Bunker

The Parable of Conceit

Mimi’s House

Three Hundred Miles


The King of Dullsville

Happiness, Contentment, and Circumstance

The Bus Stop

The King Who Talked to Flowers

The Stones that Burned

Micah and the Adventure Through the Multiverse


The Sister

Sorrows & Strength

The Sword

A Child Not A Choice

Slaying Serpents With Pencils



Force of Gravity

Dear Twin Sister

Always and Forever

The Guardian Angel


When We Remembered

That Terrible Thought

Lucy’s Journal

The Great Mountain’s Wrath


A Kringle Miracle

The Space Dragon

Picture Perfect

A Raincloud Man

The Little Boy’s Star

Are You Afraid?

The Past

The Essay

A Highschool Catastrophe


1947: A Glimpse

Escape on April 23rd

Colors of Freedom



Out of many, one

I Kid You Not


The Rainbow Road

The Princess, The Wizard and the Dinosaur

Gone, but Never Forgotten

The Abandoned Mansion

My Gift From God



The Dreaded Text

The Empress and the Heir to her Throne

Trapped in the Woods

Bill’s True Love


My Great Escape

The Escape Room and the Chair that had Glue

The Labyrinth Project

E’s Dream

Short Story

Happiness found Nora!