Short Story Contest Entries – 2021

Ages 8 – 11

Lost Girl


Spirit of the Phoenix

The Souper Man

The Story of Willy the Butterfly

Follow Your Dreams

Kaydence’s Diary

Things Could Get Hairy

Just Me

Sign Of the Dragon

Mannyo Land

The Very Old Horse

Rose-May and the Rabbit

Bella & Max

Hot Sauce!

A Boy and His Bill

At Grandma’s House

The Grey Fox

The Modern Queen

Bella and Baxter

A Racing Thoroughbred

The Witch of the Woods

Battle of the Dogs

The Diary of a Frozen Challah

Archibald’s Wild Adventure


A Very Strange House

Untold Life of a Cat and Trying to Get Rid of a Baby

Prodigal Bubba

Rivermoon’s Tale


A Helping Hand

The Very Unlucky Rabbit

Jen the Butterfly

Ages 12 – 13

The Boston Costume Party

My Hero

Sayonara Summer Days

The avocado that grew up to fast

Valley of Orchids

Up the Path and Through the Woods

The Golden Cure

If You Promise Tip a Whistle…

The Stone Golem

The Explosion of Dog Mountain


From the Perspective of a Fawn

Into the Abyss

A Snake Pit


The Hate You Give

New Home

Christian Cowboy

The Skiing Trip

Lavender Flames

A Wall Between the World

Real Magic

The Pack

The Sprites

The Quest for Victory

The Tale of Two Seeds

A Blanket’s Worth

Josh’s Unlucky Day

Ages 14 – 17

The Crunches of the Climb

Autumn’s Girl

An American Soldier [aka:Uncle Doug]

The Ballad of Harold H. Head

Stumbling Upon Serotown

You Need a Parachute

Faerie Forest

Scaling the Mountain


Pay the Price

Astral Night

A Secret Uncovered

Dear Future Me


Box of Leaves