Short Story Contest Entries – 2021

Ages 8 – 11

The Lilacs that Come and Go

Lost Girl


Spirit of the Phoenix

The Souper Man

The Story of Willy the Butterfly

Follow Your Dreams

Kaydence’s Diary

Things Could Get Hairy

Just Me

Sign Of the Dragon

Mannyo Land

The Very Old Horse

Rose-May and the Rabbit

Bella & Max

Hot Sauce!

A Boy and His Bill

At Grandma’s House

The Grey Fox

The Modern Queen

Bella and Baxter

A Racing Thoroughbred

The Witch of the Woods

Battle of the Dogs

The Diary of a Frozen Challah

Archibald’s Wild Adventure


A Very Strange House

Untold Life of a Cat and Trying to Get Rid of a Baby

Prodigal Bubba

Rivermoon’s Tale


A Helping Hand

The Very Unlucky Rabbit

Jen the Butterfly

The Panda with Tourette Syndrome

The Best Boring Nickname


Free at Last

Siya’s Story

The Knight Who Wouldn’t Move

The True Story of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

Dory the Cooking Dragon


The Young Man

The Adventures of Perry Pickle

The Rhino-Boy

The Animals of Space

Lola and Her Adventures

Shadow’s Army

The Region of the Talking Animals

The Poncho

Forgotten Birthday

The Princesses of Ebonia

We’re Kids!

A Story of Faith

The Wild Adventures of Jannie More

Circus Cat

Secret Robbery of 92


The Dragon Box

Little House in the Forest

My Griffin

Ok Yon Yang and the Dragon

Two Giants

Mr. Bunny


The Adventure of Dino and the Kitty Sisters


Mermaids and Mysteries

The Story of How Covid-19 Introduced Me to Homeschool

Amber’s Adventure

3 Strikes and You’re Out

The Story of the Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played

The smart boy

A Pegasus Love Story

Super Tobie


The Dragon Sacrifice

Ivy’s Adventure

A Herd of Wild Horses

The talking duck

The Magical Horn

The Skatepark Bully

The Art of Paper

Rise from the Ashes

Bert the Birch Tree

The Garden

The Floor is LAVA

The Escape

Tracy’s Crazy Life


Pet Store Magic

How the Oceans Came to Be


The Diary of Sara

The Duel on the Lost Island

Once Upon an Apple

The Ice Mermaid

Mia’s Imagination

Time in a Box

Cousins in the Country

The Rabbit and the Aardvark

An Apple Story

Maria’s Island Adventure

My Trip to Comfort and Paradise

Adventures of a Fly

The Worst Day of My Life

Ages 12 – 13


The Right Path

God Loves Everybody No Matter What

The Boston Costume Party

My Hero

Sayonara Summer Days

The avocado that grew up to fast

Valley of Orchids

Up the Path and Through the Woods

The Golden Cure

If You Promise Tip a Whistle…

The Stone Golem

The Explosion of Dog Mountain


From the Perspective of a Fawn

Into the Abyss

A Snake Pit


The Hate You Give

New Home

Christian Cowboy

The Skiing Trip

Lavender Flames

A Wall Between the World

Real Magic

The Pack

The Sprites

The Quest for Victory

The Tale of Two Seeds

A Blanket’s Worth

Josh’s Unlucky Day

The Search

Lock and Key: May’s story

Annie’s Shakes and Cakes

The Way Your Story’s Told

Transformation of an Alley Cat

Behind the Birch Tree

Foragers, NightShade’s Fear

Molly’s Life

Dragon Riders (Abridged)

Spies of the Ocean

A Leap of Faith

Cracking the Case

Scarlet and Molly

Angel’s Shoes

The Story of an Unsung Hero

The Story Of Black Leg

An Artistic Villain

Fallen Pompeii: The Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius

A Dragon’s Life

Mission Accomplished

The HALT Team

Humility Touched My Heart

Loving a Chicken

Military Miracle


The Shepherd’s Daughter

Maxine Leblanc: The Mystery of the Missing Cat

Battle of Beasts

Wind Dancer

Adventures on the Oregon Trail: The Wolves

The Voice In My Head

The Backstab

Fighting for Girl’s Best Friend

Moriko and the Squirrel

Dakota and Azure

The Riding Hoods


The Gems of Destiny

Blue, the Miracle Bird: True Story

Skinny Lee

The Family That Lived in a Castle

Mary and the fairies



The Road of Life

Corn and Cows

Farmer Charlie’s Adventure

The Shining Island



Just like I’d wished

Cwymwena: The Girl That Befriended Dragons An Alfhiem Story

Her Sacrifice for Love


The Fishing Man


Debate Masters

If I Was Principal

The Story of Clary Jones

My Experience in Korea

Dragon Born

Love Myself

The Magic of the Hymnbrooks

Tim and Leah

Evan’s Adventure

The Story of Pixie

The King Wins

The Kingdom

The Mysterious Bracelet


The Only Way to Make a Sandwich

A Lynx Named Sophia

Ages 14 – 17

Hockey Days

The Crunches of the Climb

Autumn’s Girl

An American Soldier [aka:Uncle Doug]

The Ballad of Harold H. Head

Stumbling Upon Serotown

You Need a Parachute

Faerie Forest

Scaling the Mountain


Pay the Price

Astral Night

A Secret Uncovered

Dear Future Me


Box of Leaves

Dapper’s Story

Stagecoach Serendipity

Chickens in the House

The Chinese Jewelry Box

The Thief Taker

A Purple Spark of Friendship

The War That Made Us Who We Are

The Place Where I Found My Being

What Happened to Miss Francis Fernsby

Al on Strike

The Last Summer on Stonybrook Hill

Unsung Heroes

Colorless Winds

That Much

A Phenomenal Day

One of Thousands

The Blacksmith’s Son

The Man on the Doorstep

Not Impossible

A Place Called Home

Hero in the Ocean

The Coming Storm

The Shelby Virus

Fire Nation Princess

Formaldehyde and Forgiveness

My Day in a Prayer

The Light

Beyond the Worm Hole

The Flying Frog

The Girl in the Mirror

Some Friendships are Started Over a Pile of Cookies

Today is a New Day, Everett

Sight Forgotten

God have mercy on your shower

Tempestia: A Brief Story

I, the Narrator


Once Upon a Dream