Short Stories Contest Entries

Winners will be announced on June 15th live on YouTube at noon EST.


My Little Island

Elijah Wilson and the Eledactyls

Animal Instincts


The Tomb Robbers

My Awkward Opportunity

The Blue Creature


There Is a Darkness Falling

James Porter

The Green Tunnel

The Adventure of Cody Davidson

Best Friends Forever

Imagination Station

The Magical Ouroboros

The Lord Wills It

The Secret of Love


The Gem of Tel Aviv

The Mysterious Figure

The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat

A Knightly Tale

Happy Again!

Pushing Away

Once Upon a Time in the Land on Minomi

Free Slave


The Mess

These Ordinary Days


A Wild Ride for a Taco

A Year to Remember

Just Do It

The Celestites: Geode’s Beginning

Sloth Story

Revenge in Connecticut

A Day in the Life of a Dog Named Marty

My Last Breath

My Story  (scroll down)

The Night That I Could Fly

The Wishing Flower

Cowboy Life of a Pony

The Pretty Pearl

The Time Teen

The Doll

The Trinkets on My Desk

A Snowy Christmas


The Mind of a Writer


The Mysterious Life of Anna Peterson  Book #1

Journals of the Black Wasp: Strange Happenings at the Everheart Home 

The Jack-o-Lope

A Pair of Wings

General Buddy

The Best Day of My Life

Amelia’s Life

This is My Friend

Colemans’ Cardinal Case

The Dark Dream (submitted to judges)

The Boy how Lost his Arm

A Cat Known as Writer’s Block

The Stolen Song

The Unknown

7 Minutes and 31 Seconds

Abe’s Humble Gift

The Picture of Words

Backup Plan

The Forest of Magic



An Outlaw’s Revenge

The Last Unicorn


The Voice

One Lucky Step

A Cat’s Home

The Lost Dog

The Healing Guitar

Mystery at Krow Mansion


Being Brave

One, Two

The Never Ending Treasure

The Big Gray Paw


The Case of the Missing Gems

From Sixteen to Seventeen

I Wish I Could Have Told Him.

Kitty, Dottie, and Mile Teaberry: Kitty Writes a Book

A Spy Story

Seasons in the Town of Candy Apple


Outwitting Darkness

The Switch

This Side of the Pine

The Crime on Wall Street

Isle of Hope


The Peterkins Pick Apples

Provision over Panic

Easter the Bunny

Herben the Cricket

Bath Day

The Carousel Horse

Independence Day


Made for Killing

Under Pressure

Engeris Pond

The Lesser King


We All Fall Down Sometimes

Rust on the Roses

The Peacemaker

A Fly on the Wall

The Hidden Shadows

Defeating My Dust

The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood

The Cat with the Crooked Tail

The White Room (scroll down)

The Adventures of Buddy

Rooming with My Sister

The Roseton Gold Rush

Toad Hunting