Server Switch

I will post here when we pick the date for the next transfer. Our book spot, and and sites are going to be moving as well.

*One glitch we found after moving My EP was that foreign language names written in another alphabet might possibly come up garbled. You will be able to “Edit” student and retype the name and save it will all be back to normal.

Read below if you can’t log in or the site doesn’t come up.

For most people, they will not notice when the server changes. But if the site doesn’t come up for you, it is probably because your computer is looking for the site at its old home. You can help it along by clearing your cache.

If that doesn’t work, unplug your router and plug it back in. I will update this page here with dates and times that things will be happening.

If the site isn’t coming up and you’ve tried those things and tried your different devices and browsers, you can contact us to let us know. We will make sure nothing is happening on our end that might cause it. We will stick with you until you’re in. We won’t give up on anyone.

I’m not brave enough to move everything at once. Over 4th of July weekend, we will move to the new server. A sign will go up on the site. You will be logged out to make sure no one is trying to put anything in the database during the move so nothing gets missed.

If all is well, then maybe the next week we will move EP Book Spot and finally All-in-One Homeschool and All-in-One High School. The slow move is in part to make sure our team knows how to use the new system so there is no delay in any course updates and link fixes.

I went all out with the new server. It’s supposed to never allow the site to go down for more than a moment and it’s supposed to be able to grow with us forever. It’s an EP family company that owns the server, so they have an interest in keeping the site up and running!