Server Switch

In July, we moved to a dedicated server that had a catastrophic failure the week of August 3rd. We ended up deciding to cut our loses and restoring our sites from before the move.

In 9 years, this has never happened before. Please don’t feel like you need to save everything, just in case. We have every reason to believe it will never happen again.

Try logging in at My EP. Those who registered before July 7th still have their account, but recent changes are lost.

If you created an account in July or August, you need to make a new account.

Please re-register with the same username.

We decided it best just to get the site back and not wait on the maybe of restoring our most recent information. We are very sorry this is the outcome, but we are very thankful to be back online after the crash! Anyone who made an account in the last month had their account removed. For everyone else, changes will be lost and your lesson numbers will be off. Click your lesson links and scroll down, write down what number lesson you want. Type those into the Settings page in each course block. We had back ups and back ups, but they have failed. Drives failed. Oh, everything failed. A half a dozen companies/teams worked on trying to get it back. It never should have happened and it should never happen again, but we tried really, really hard. The EP family that was our temporary server hosting company during this past month had every capability, but it was like the stuff legends are made of! You can imagine they have had their guts wrenched out of them feeling responsible for this. They had just wanted to serve our community.

My EP is now be hosted on Amazon Web Services.


If you see a “come back soon” message, clear your cache. That’s the old site. If you see something about a database error, that’s the old site, clear your cache. If you see page not found or Plesk, it’s the old site, clear your cache. 🙂

When I saw the sites again, it was like my kids had come home from camp, and it was so good to see them again and know they were okay!

This will all soon be a distant memory…

If any of our All-in-One sites or My EP don’t load the normal sites, please try these steps to get the new versions of the sites.

  1. Step one is to clear your cache. (You can also try a browser you don’t normally use.)
  2. Step two is to unplug your router and replug it in.

If the site isn’t coming up and you’ve tried those things and tried your different devices and browsers, you can contact us to let us know.