Science Fair

Science Fair Winners 2019

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Submit a Project (Open October 15 – November 15)

Junior Category: ages 8-12 (at the time of submission)

Senior Category: ages 13 – 17 (at the time of submission)

If you work as a team, the oldest person determines your category.

The Process

Find the answer to a question.

Ask a question. Do some research about the topic. What’s known?

Decide on your hypothesis. You can include your background information when you present your hypothesis.

Design an experiment. List your materials and procedure.

Record your data.

Revise your hypothesis and/or experiment as necessary.

What’s your conclusion and what should be done about it? What have you learned?

Include a bibliography of sources used. Learn something!

The Presentation

You will submit a link to an online presentation of your research when you pay your application fee. Look at my presentation to see how it should be done. You will be using Google Slides. Submissions will be viewable by everyone. Content must be appropriate for all audiences. I have the right to refuse to post your submission based on content without refund. DO NOT include your name, age, or picture in your presentation.

The Judging

Creativity/New thoughts

Professionalism/Quality (Follow directions. Check your punctuation and spelling! Pictures and graphs are always nice additions! Make it look like you put care and attention into it.)

Experiment Design (example: Does it control variables?)

Data (quality, clear presentation of the information)

Conclusion (clearly drawn, clearly stated, applied)

Each category 20 points

Our Judges

We use anonymous judges who don’t know any of the entrants. For our science fair, we have a rocket scientist and a former elementary school teacher.