Science Fair

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You’ll be able to find the link to the winners list here once posted.

They are typically posted on December 8th. 

See the Entries

Finish your project. Check everything below (even if you’ve entered in the past)! It is there to guide you. When you have your link to your project, click here to register. There is a $25 fee. If you have a great project but that’s too much to pay for your family, just contact Lee.

Submit a Project (Open October 15 – November 15)

Awards will be given out in age groups.

If you work as a team, the oldest person determines your category.

Prize amounts are listed on our competition page.

The Process

You are conducting an experiment. You must pose a question and state a hypothesis. Then experiment, collect data, and present your results and conclusion.

Ask a question.

State background information. What do you know about it already? Older kids can research and find out what’s known about the subject already.

State your hypothesis.

Design an experiment. Consider what variables will be controlled and what variables will be changed with each experiment. Think about any outside variables beyond your control that might have influence on the results.

List your materials and procedure.

Record your data. Important step! You MUST be making observations that will lead you to be able to answer your question. This should be in your final presentation as some sort of chart. You can make a graph of your chart data as well. We must see the collection of data! Looks count! Make it clear.

Revise your hypothesis and/or experiment as necessary and repeat.

What’s your conclusion and what should be done about it? What have you learned?

Include a bibliography of sources used. Learn something!

The Presentation

You will submit a link to an online presentation of your research when you pay your application fee. Look at my presentation linked in the next sentence to see how it should be done. You will be using Google Slides.

Submissions will be viewable by everyone and should be set to VIEW ONLY. Make sure it can’t be edited. Content must be appropriate for all audiences. DO NOT include your name, age, or picture of yourself (if possible) in your presentation.

We will NEVER ask for access to your project. DO NOT allow anyone access to your project if you get a request.

The Judging

Creativity/New thoughts and ideas

Professionalism/Quality (Follow directions. Check your punctuation and spelling! Pictures and graphs are always nice additions! Make it look like you put care and attention into it!)

Experiment Design (example: Does it control variables?)

Data (data collected, recorded, and clearly presented)

Conclusion (clearly drawn, clearly stated, applied-What can we do with this information?)

Each category 20 points

Our Judges

We use anonymous judges who don’t know any of the entrants. We have used retired teachers and scientists in the past.