Science Fair Entries 2019

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If the age divide continues to be so lopsided, I will likely reorganize the age categories.

Junior Division (ages 8 – 12)

Are All Ingredients Important?

Flammable Sprays Pop!

Is Perpetual Motion Possible?

A Horse’s Memory

All About Triops

What Is a Good Conductor?

How to Preserve a Jack-O-Lantern

Testing Your Heart Rate with Music

Salt Crystal Experiment

Testing a Simple Way to Measure Free Iron in Soil

Can Humans Learn To Echolocate?

Liquid Solubility Test

Five Second Rule

How Does Sound Travel?

How Much Salt Does It Take to Make Objects Float?

Winter Precipitation

Eye Protection

Water Rocket

The Life Cycle of a Horse

Melting Crayons

Science Project

Will a Boiled Egg Tarnish Silver?

Do Cookies Sink or Float in Milk?

Which Fruits Have More Electricity?

Rubber Eggs Experiment

The Best Material for a Tin Can Telephone

Which Liquid Cleans Pennies Best


Marble Run

Chemical Reactions


The Boomerang Effect

Extracting Of Strawberry DNA

Senior Division (ages 13 – 17)

Rainbow Science

Disperso Force

Egg Osmosis

Does Music Have an Effect on Dog Behavior?

Which Type of Salt Melts Ice Fastest?

Bye Polyestyrene

Can Powders Other Than Cornstarch be Used to Make Oobleck?

What Do Sugary Drinks Do to Your Teeth?

Is Biodiversity Lower Near a Water Source?

Does Caffeine Affect Plant Growth?

Do Cats have a Favorite Paw?