Science Fair 2020 Submissions

Winners will be posted on December 8th!

Junior Category: ages 8-12 (at the time of submission)

Frozen oobleck experiment

How do you make gummy bears grow?

Do Dogs React Differently To Different Genres of Music?

How do flowers pollinate?

Stressful Times: Testing the Effectiveness of Three Simple Coping Strategies for All Ages

Why Do We Remember Some Things More Than Others?

How Does Magnetism react to Electromagnetism?

What Is The Best Way To Preserve Leaves?

Stretchy Slime

Which Toothpaste Cleans Jewelry the Fastest?

Make It Pop!

Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

Homopalor Motor

How do microscopes work?

Can You Open This!

Keeping a horse cool

Which Dish Soap Makes The Tallest Bubbles?

Who Ate All The Cheetos?

Rainbow Bubbles

Elephants Tooth paste

Fluorescent Paint

How do bearded dragons communicate?

Which Edible Paper Will Make the Best Milkshake Straw?

Some Videos Are Fake

Can you add too many chips to a chocolate chip cookie?

What Type of Music Makes Plants Grow Faster?

Does the appearance of food affect how we think it taste?

The Wonder of Water

Germs Around Us

Does The Size Of The Resonating Chamber Matter?

Can you use clean energy to make a snack?

Bacteria on animal paws

Different kinds of volcanoes

Sailing: A matter of Friction

What is the best time of the day to catch fish?

A Rainbow of Cat Toys: Do Toy Colors Really Matter To Your Fluffy Friends?

Plants With Different Water

Does the type of surface affect how the tabletop hovercraft move?

Do Plants Need Soil to Grow?

How Much Force Would it Take to Break a Rock?

What Foods Do Dogs Like?

Bouncing Bubbles!!!!

Phone Reception

Dissolving Candy in Liquids

The Static Electric Slide

Unicorn Borax Crystals

The Thrust Box

Flyed Eggs

What is the strongest shape (to build with)?

Bust the Rust

Beat the Heat

Do Some Colors Block Ultraviolet Light More Than Other Colors?

The Chalk Test

Deer Behavior

The Great Cookie Test

Can fruit make electricity?

Why Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet

What chemical destroys Legos best?

Do fans work?

Nail Polish Experiment

Does your words have power?

Which Method Of Drying Hands is Best

What’s the Fastest Way to Ripen an Avocado?

Mental Symphony

Blood vs. Venom

Alka Seltzer in the Sky

How to get Clear Ice

Why do leaves change color in the Fall?

How Can You Prevent Onions From Making You Cry?

Homemade vs. Store-Bought

The Eggsperiment

How good is a human’s sense of taste?

Project Bottle Spin

Do Dogs Have Taste Preferences?

Best Way To Preserve Apple Slices

Do rabbits prefer a certain time of day?

The Best Green Beans

Why are phones so addicting?

Crackers vs. Cucumbers

How do you build an Infinity Mirror?

Color Me Impressed

What Type of Rock Skips the Most?

Peppermint Candy Science

Can Background Noises Affect How Well We Concentrate?

Elephant toothpaste

Can You Fix a Dried Out Marker?

Is There A Way To Make A Gummy Bear Grow

How Well Do Disinfectants Work?


Senior Category: ages 13 – 17 (at the time of submission)

Mold Race

The Strength of Calcium

What Water Purifying Method is the Most Efficient?

Reactions between coke and household items

Should You Be Nicer To Your Plants?

Sourdough Starters

How Do Dogs Drink?

My Lemonade is Too Sour!

Force vs. Angle

Lighting Fast Reaction

Moldy Bread

My Driving Experiment

How Objects Affect Sound Waves

The Effect of Reading on Memory

Does height play a role in volleyball efficiency?

Acid Rain vs. Rain

What Ripens a Banana Faster?

The Quicker Thicker-Upper?

Do Puppys Like Puppy Toys, Or Human Flesh More?

Chemicals and Corrosion

Do Cats Have a Food Preference?

Does Candy Have Acidic Acid In It?

The Tongue Map: Is It Accurate?