Science Fair

Winners will be listed here on December 1st

Submit a Project (Open October 15 – November 15)

The Process

Find the answer to a question.

Ask a question.

Decide on your hypothesis.

Design an experiment. List your materials and procedure.

Record your data.

Revise your hypothesis and/or experiment as necessary.

What’s your conclusion and what should be done about it?

Include a bibliography of sources used.

The Presentation

You will submit a link to an online presentation of your research when you pay your application fee. It could be a website (think free blog), or something like a Sway presentation. Submissions will be viewable by everyone. Content must be appropriate for all audiences. I have the right to refuse to post your submission based on content without refund.

The Judging

Creativity/New thoughts

Professionalism/Quality (Follow directions. Check your punctuation and spelling! Pictures and graphs are always nice additions! Make it look like you put care and attention into it.)

Experiment Design (example: Does it control variables?)

Data (quality, clear presentation of the information)

Conclusion (clearly drawn, clearly stated, applied)

Each category 20 points