Reward and Treasure

  1. We heard about God rewarding us for our good deeds and prayers done in secret. This section includes fasting.
  2. By the way, it doesn’t say if you fast, but when you fast.
  3. It again talks about doing it privately so that others don’t know. The reward is from God, not from man’s approval.
  4. What are these rewards we’re getting? It says we’ll be rewarded openly from God Himself.
  5. Before we answer that further, let’s mention the next section, about laying up treasures in heaven.
  6. It warns to not store up for yourself on earth, pointing out that those things can be destroyed or stolen.
  7. It advises storing up treasures in heaven, saying those treasures are protected.
  8. What are heavenly treasures and what are God’s rewards?
  9. There is a life to come and the Bible speaks of reward. The Lord sees all that we do, all that we sacrifice, all the labor. He pays us in the bank of heaven.
  10. We don’t do any of it for pay. We received freely, and we give freely, but the Lord pays us. We will have reward in heaven in our inheritance there, but we are rewarded on earth too.
  11. Jesus says elsewhere that there is no one who has left their home or family or possessions for the gospel that isn’t repaid one hundredfold in this life and the next, along with persecutions. This isn’t a formula for getting rich quick. Jesus had no where to lay His head. Paul even went hungry at times.
  12. It’s a reminder that this world is passing away. The things of this world should not hold our desires and attention. Our desire and attention should be fixed on One alone, our Lord Jesus Christ.
  13. So, set the Lord before you. Let Him be what your eye beholds and your body, your life, will be full of light.