These books are for struggling families who need to work offline. EP is already free. Please don’t abuse my generosity. 

You must choose EP books or GC books. We will fill all requests within reason if they are covered by the money coming in from the ads. You can ask for any books other than the Reader Workbooks or the Rainbow Readers. The Reader Workbooks are not necessary for completing the course. The Rainbow Reader books are in the EP Readers.

Request: You must tell us specifically what you need. List all book titles exactly. (GC folks need to include the subtitle to indicate which year.) Please don’t ask us to resend books if you order the wrong thing.

DO NOT just ask for “all” of this or that. Request each book you know that you need and that we have. Please don’t ask for books that we don’t even have!

Mailing Address: Check! It must be accurate and complete or you won’t receive anything. Please don’t ask me to ship free books outside of the Continental US.

Your books should arrive within a month.