Reading 7 New Poetry Section

Lessons 6 – 45 have been updated in Reading 7.

The Penrod section is mostly the same. We finally matched up the online course and the book. Two different versions of Penrod had been used before and they were a couple of days off. Now they match. Just use the lesson presented you. If you’ve already done it, you can progress your lesson or just mark it complete. It will work itself out in a day or two.

The poetry section has all new poems instead of Idylls of the King. Most are just independent of each other, so you can just jump in wherever it places you and continue from there. I think only one poem is over two days. If you find yourself on “part 2,” go back a lesson and read the whole thing.

If you are in the Idylls of the King and want to finish, here are the reading links.

Idylls of the King hasn’t been removed. They will see it in Literature and Composition II in our high school levels.