1. Shelly earns $603.75 for 35 hours of work.    What is her rate of pay per hour?

2. The Ranch House serves a 24 oz sirloin steak  that has a total of 1,800 calories. How many calories per ounce does the steak have?

3. Kayce stuffs 228 envelopes in an hour. What is the average number of envelopes Kia stuffs per minute?

4. A freight train travels 1445 miles in 25 hours.  What is the train’s average rate of speed?

5. Jayden runs 600 yards in 2 min 5 sec. What is her average speed?

6. A plane travels 294 miles in 45 minutes. What is its average speed in miles per hour?

7. A pitcher’s earned run average is the number of  earned runs allowed per game of 9 innings. A pitcher allows 20 earned runs in 50 innings.
What is the pitcher’s earned run average?