Peer Editing

You are here because you have been asked to read another author’s writing and give that author feedback. You will go to your grade level below and choose one of the essays from the assignment you are working on. When you send in your essay as a PDF, please let me know which essay you gave feedback on, and I will take it off of the list.

Here are your directions:

  1. Print out the essay.
  2. Read the essay once through.
  3. Read it again slowly with a pencil or pen in hand.
  4. Mark what is good and interesting and well written.
  5. Mark what is confusing or out of place.
  6. Use this checklist to help you look for specific problems.
  7. When you are finished, you will write your feedback. Write it in Word (or something similar) and then you can paste it into an email later. Here are your guidelines for writing feedback. You can’t show the person the paper with your corrections on it. You have to tell the corrections. Use paragraph numbers and line numbers to show them what you are talking about. (In the second line of the third paragraph…)
  8. Remember, you aren’t telling them what is wrong with their essay. You are telling them how to improve their essay.
  9. Have a parent read your feedback and give you permission to send it to the email address on the essay.
  10. When you receive feedback, don’t be upset that they found things wrong with your essay. Their comments are to HELP you become a better writer. Be grateful for their comments, not upset about them.

When you have sent in your feedback, please let me know which one you gave feedback to and send in your essay for me to post (as a PDF if possible). Make sure it has your email address on it and that it is appropriate for others to read.

6th Level

Assignment Day 64

  1. George W. Carver
  2. Albert Einstein
  3. Julia Child
  4. Booth Tarkington
  5. Benjamin Franklin

7th Level

Day 40 essay

  1. Wright Brothers

8th Level

Personal Narrative from Day 25

  1. Moving From My Childhood Home
  2. The Day Death Took My Friend

Research Paper from Day 83

  1. Character of the Tempest
  2. The Cask of Amontillado
  3. Maya Lin
  4. The Necklace: An Ironical Short Story
  5. The Best Baseball Players to Ever Play the Game
  6. The Effects of Drugs on The Central Nervous System (essay starts on page 7)
  7. The Tempest Research Paper