My EP Assignments

First and foremost, EP will always be free. Even this new development is coming your way for free. Also, you can check on the progress of what we’ve received below.

How It Can Help You

  • Ever wish you could craft your child’s level unique to them?
  • Ever wish you didn’t need to scroll or jump to get to a lesson?
  • Ever wish you could track where your child was in their school day?
  • Ever wish you could pick and choose courses?
  • Ever wish your child could be on a different day for each subject, moving forward faster or slower for any given course?

My EP Assignments is here to grant your wish. (More after the video)



Above: Quick overview to music

NEW! Below: Lee’s Narrated Walkthrough



Click on HD in the corner of the video to see better.

The planned release is for June 2019. There is still much to be done to get it ready, and it’s being tested in the meantime, though even they haven’t gotten to use this latest version yet. Here are some comments.

“It has been absolutely amazing for my family.”


“This is awesome!”

“We love all of it. Thank you!”

My EP Assignments will be FREE for everyone to use. In fact, we will encourage everyone to use it, though the site will still exist with its menu of courses. We would, however, like to phase out level and “year” links on the site. You’ll be able to craft your own unique levels and “years” (or use the same level and year courses just as they were originally designed to go together). This new program will keep developing to always aim at making things even more Easy Peasy.

My EP Assignments will remember each of your children’s courses and day and lesson numbers, but only on the computer being used. If you want to be able to use different computers or to be able to check in from your phone to see where they are in their progress, you’ll need a login. For that we’ll have an annual subscription.

How You Can Help Me

My family is trying to get into a home after our Habitat house wasn’t built. Many people suggested a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money. Here’s what I’d like to do instead.

If you would like to help my family buy a home, over the month of December we’d ask you to send a check for $100 as a gift to our family. As a thank you, if you like, include your email address, and you’ll get an email from us about a lifetime subscription to the app. (The program remembers all your children, so only one subscription per family is needed.)

Checks can go to: (Please do not use the donate button on the site. Send an email to ask about using Paypal.)

Lee Giles

7 Cook Rd.

Media, PA 19063

Thanks for wanting to help us on our journey. And I hope this new development will help you along yours.


We’ve been going to see houses. It seems like the minimum is $400,000 for a house that fits us and fixing it to meet our needs. (In the type of ministry we did, we’ve lived in places with mold and rats and in places where the power would go out if you used the oven and the washing machine at the same time. We lived in two rooms when there were six of us, and that’s two little rooms, not two little bedrooms. I’m hoping to not be in places like those for the home we’re going to settle into.) We have saved the down payment, but we can’t qualify for a mortgage right now with that and based on our self-employment salary.

$5706.35 (as of 12/15)

what we’ve received so far (along with some lovely letters and cards – thank you!)