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Latest updates:

Previous updates:

  • See a page with a preview of all your child’s assignments for the day
  • You can now add your own courses from the Parent Add-On page.
  • You can add double of a type of course from the Extras page, for instance, two math courses.
  • You can reorder the courses on the Settings page and they will appear in that order on the student’s page. You can do it individually for each student.
  • You are able to get to their lessons without going through the Settings page.
  • You can now create an account yourself and start using your account immediately.
  • You can double up on courses, add extra electives, and have once-a-week courses show up every day.

Click on full screen and HD to be able to see it really well. They are on the bottom right of the video. This first one is a quick intro to what it’s like. At the bottom of the page is a full walkthrough.

How It Can Help You

  • Ever wish you could craft your child’s level unique to them?
  • Ever wish you didn’t need to scroll or jump to get to a lesson?
  • Ever wish you could track where your child was in their school day?
  • Ever wish you could pick and choose courses?
  • Ever wish your child could be on a different day for each subject, moving forward faster or slower for any given course, without having to keep track of it yourself?
  • Ever wish for a motivation system? Even if you use the books instead of working online, you can use this to track days and to award points.

My EP Assignments is here to grant your wish.

From the testers:

“It has been absolutely amazing for my family.”


“This is awesome!”

“We love all of it. Thank you!”

My EP Assignments is FREE for everyone to use. We encourage everyone to use it, though the original curriculum site still exists with its menu of individual courses.  You can customize your own unique levels and themes (or use the same level and theme courses just as they were originally designed to go together).

My EP Assignments remembers each of your children’s courses and day and lesson numbers, (but only on the computer being used) if you use it as a guest. If you want to be able to use different computers or to be able to check in from your phone to see where they are in their progress, you’ll need a login. On the account page click to find out more about getting an account and use that page to go to the registration for a login. I ask for a donation from anyone creating an account. Server space does have a cost.

You’ll be able to learn more on our My EP Assignments site. Below is a walkthrough. I never clicked on a video link to show you how the help videos work. Click on the fullscreen button to see them well. The “Help Using This Page” videos all have a Close Video link somewhere in a corner at the top or bottom on the left.

This walkthrough does not show the new way to get an account. It will still redirect you to a place to enter you email address as before, but now you will create your password right there and be able to login immediately afterwards.

Look for notices of developments in the announcements sections of the login page.

How Tos

Choosing Classes

Using a Lesson

Once-a-Week Courses

Marking a Day Complete

There’s more here.