My EP Trouble Shooting


My IP Address

Browser Test

Ask how many students normally. Ask which name looking for. Check the current status. Use email address of family for bucket key. Look for empty or missing student, check student numbers. Ask for student name and see if he is there. Figure out which student number needs restoring.  (MUST USE LOWERCASE ADDRESS)

Check the restore version. Use the email address AND add on the specific student. kgsteely7@testinghubs.com_Student1_Status

Click restore.

For Lee only:

As mentioned above, the restore database will be loaded automatically each night from the most recent daily backup file. But through manual action you can reload the restore database from any of the three most recent daily backups. You can do that by pulling up any of these URLs in your browser:
It may take a few seconds for these to run, but you can run them whenever you need to, in any order. These don’t use/affect the live database at all, just the restore database. The most recent backup file is jbuckets.sql.0.gz.

Download Database Backup