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If you are looking to go offline, a book bundle makes things easy.


Language Arts Placement Guide

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Do you want a workbook instead of having to print out a year’s worth of worksheets?

You want EP Language Arts Printables.

Language Arts 1       Language Arts 2       Language Arts 3      Language Arts 4 

Language Arts 5       Language Arts 6

Do you want to work offline?

You want BOTH the EP Language Arts Workbook and the EP Language Arts Parent’s Guide. It’s not the complete course to only use the workbook. (This contains all course printables.)

Add one to your cart and then just come back to the EP Store and click on the next one. If you are wanting to do all the courses offline, a book bundle makes that easy.

Language Arts 1 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

Language Arts 2 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

Language Arts 3 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

       Language Arts 4 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

Language Arts 5 Workbook / Lesson Guide

Language Arts 6 Workbook / Lesson Guide

Do you want a worksheet a day even though you are using the online course? Or do you want a place for writing assignments?

You want EP Language Arts Workbook. (This contains all course printables and much more.)

Language Arts 1      Language Arts 2      Language Arts 3     Language Arts 4

Answer Key             Answer Key            Answer Key              Answer Key

Language Arts 5    Answer Key

Answer Key            Answer Key

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The workbook is done by day number. The Printables book replaces everything you would need to print out when using the online course including all copywork. The answer keys are linked online. Use the pictures below or the links above to order.

See Inside Language Arts 1 Printables

See Inside Language Arts 2 Printables

See Inside Language Arts 3 Printables

See Inside Language Arts 4 Printables

See Inside Language Arts 5 Printables

See Inside Language Arts 6 Printables

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EPLA02_Printables for store

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La6 Printables


The workbook has 180+ pages of language arts activities. There is a page to complete each day. Use the pictures or the links above to order.

Sample Language Arts 1 Workbook

Sample Language Arts 2 Workbook

Sample Language Arts 3 Workbook

Sample Language Arts 4 Workbook

Sample Language Arts 5 Workbook

Sample Language Arts 6 Workbook



LA3 cover


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Parent’s Guide

These books are to be used with the EP Language Arts Workbooks. Inside are poems and stories you’ll need to read your child, as well as a step-by-step, day-by-day guide that will talk you through each lesson and how to introduce new concepts to your child. This book also includes objectives for each day, materials marked where needed, directions for what to do each day, and the complete answer key. The workbook and parent’s guide together are a complete first grade language arts course with 180 days of activities. The workbook alone is not the complete course.

Sample Language Arts 1 Parent’s Guide

Sample Language Arts 2 Parent’s Guide

Sample Language Arts 3 Parent’s Guide

Sample Language Arts 4 Parent’s Guide

Sample Language Arts 5 Lesson Guide

Sample Language Arts 6 Lesson Guide

parent guide cover


EP Language Arts 3 Parent's Guide

EP Language Arts 4 Parent's Guide



A little note: The workbook/printables were made by our admin, Tina Rutherford. She will get the proceeds from the printables and workbook.