Just For Fun Live Classes (2021)

This summer (2021) we will be offering three free, one-hour live classes on foreign language topics. The classes will be taught by David Giles, the husband of Lee Giles, creator of Easy Peasy, with one of their sons assisting. Join us for a fast-paced, informative, and interactive hour of foreign language fun! The classes are geared to middle- and high-schoolers, but adults and kids as young as 10 will also find them interesting. The sessions will be recorded if you are not able to attend live.

You can take a look at our classes. Each one is accompanied by a Zoom link. No registration is required. The classroom will be opened about 10 minutes before the start of the class.

Just For Fun Turkish (July 16 @ 3pm EDT): Learn about Turkey, the background of the Turkish language, a little about its fascinating writing system and grammar, and some basic phrases. Our family lived in Turkey for 7 years.

Link to the class recording.

Link to the download (includes all the info we shared in class)

Link to a short paper by Peter G. on the “creation” of the modern Turkish language in the 1920s.

Just For Fun Icelandic (July 30 @ 3pm EDT): Learn about the language and literature of the Vikings, which is still spoken in today’s country of Iceland! We’ll talk about the background of the Icelandic language and Old Norse literature, get acquainted with its alphabet and grammar, learn some basic vocabulary, and practice a tongue twister in Icelandic.

Link to the class recording

Link to the download (includes all the information we shared in class)

Icelandic Online has free, complete language courses for serious students. Here’s the link to the “Survival Icelandic” course.

Just For Fun Irish (August 13 @ 3pm EDT): Learn about the original language of the Irish people! This is not English with an Irish accent, but a Celtic language originating in Ireland and completely different from English. We’ll talk about the background of the language, who speaks it today, the writing system and pronunciation, and learn some common phrases.

Link to the class recording

Link to the download

Here’s a cool “transliterator” for the Ogham alphabet. Type in the letters of your name and it will change it to the ancient Irish Ogham alphabet.

If you want to learn more Irish, there are lots of free courses and resources on the internet, which you can find with a quick search.