History Alive Winners 2020

Judge’s Favorite

The Story of the Telephone Through Four Generations  by John-Luke Sumner  Age 8

Senior Division

First Place The Story of the Disappearing Cod  by Themba Dube  Age 15

Second Place  The Sinking of the “Children’s Ship”  by Emily Bollenbacher  Age 14

Third Place  The Life of Julius Caesar  by Ellianna, Camden, Gage, Micah Stoner and Gavin Koscoe  (Oldest  Age 13)

Honorable Mention  Oskar Schindler- The World’s Greatest Humanitarian by David Doci  Age 15

Honorable Mention  The History of Creation  by Jayden Thompson  Age 14

Junior Division

First Place  Laura Ingalls Wilder  by Kiley Seaton  Age 8

Second Place  Cleopatra  by Emily Rowlett  Age 12

Third Place  Anaiah’s Anne Frank Project  by Anaiah Powell  Age 8

Honorable Mention  The Space Race: Quest for the Moon  by Nathan Laird  Age 11

Honorable Mention  Queen Elizabeth II: Review of Her Life  by Eliza Lima  Age 12