History Alive Entries

Junior Division

A Day That Changed Everything: Pearl Harbor

Amelia Earhart: The Life of a Legendary Aviator

The Great Storm of 1900

Highlights from the 1920’s

Virginia Hall: The Secret Weapon of World War II

California Gold Rush

About the Great Depression

Jane Goodall


The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

The Mayflower Sock Puppet Show!

Corrie Ten Boom

The Life of Theodore Roosevelt

World War II Hero Nancy Wake

An Interview with George Washington

8 Minutes: Mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke

Together but Apart

The Presidents Song

Life of Helen Keller

Marie Antoinette: Propaganda Plagued Princess OR Selfish Spoiled Royal?

A Life of Service

Cornelia Johanna ten Boom

The Legacy of Sacagawea

The Duel of 1804


Susan B. Anthony

WW2: Lego Edition

Gospel to the Waoranis

The Boston Tea Party

The Life of Sacajawea

The Life of Sacagewea

Ada Lovelace

A Trip Through Theodore Roosevelt’s Life

Christopher Columbus

South Dakota History

Apollo 11

The Battle of Cowpens

Kamala Harris – A Lifetime of Firsts

Founding of America

The Best of Banting

Bob Marley – Jamaica’s Undeniable Legend

WW1 Overview

Thomas Jefferson

Joseph Stalin

The French and Indian War

The M.I.A. W.A.S.P. Gertrude “Tommy” Tompkins Silver


Senior Division

Music of the 20th Century

The Refrigerator Throughout the Decades

Molasses Flood 1919

The era of modernization in Japan

The life of Marie Curie

The Story of Exercise Tiger

The Commercialization of Space Flight

Amanda Gorman A Young Poet Laureate

Beyond Our Rights: A Story of The Women’s Suffrage Movement

Mary Slessor: Woman on Fire

Bubonic Plague

A Story of Hope: Helen Keller

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Greece

The Story of Joe Beyrle the Pow who never stopped fighting

System I Leg (The Lego History)

The Boston Tea Party

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