1. Matthew 5 starts what is known as the Sermon on the Mount. The first part is known as the Beatitudes.
  2. I searched online for the definition of beatitude. My favorite was from Merriam-Webster, the state of utmost bliss.
  3. Each line of the beatitudes starts with the word blessed, which is sometimes translated happy.
  4. This is the description of a happy man, blissfully blessed.
  5. Who is this man?
  6. I think it’s a man who is contrite in spirit, who has seen his sin, his need for a savior, and has found God as his rescuer. Because he has found his salvation in God, well knowing where he came from, he is merciful to others and seeks to help others find the peace with God that he has. It also brings persecution from those who have not found salvation and who aren’t happy that he’s so happy.
  7. This man is poor in spirit. He’s not going around talking about how strong he is or his great faith. He knows there is no good thing in him except that is given him from God.
  8. This goes with him being gentle, or meek. He is completely reliant on God, emptied of self-reliance. He knows that all he has is from God and God has made him who he is. It leaves him with a humble, gentle spirit, not forceful. He’s not insisting on his way, or his rightness.
  9. He has mourned over his sin and received comfort; his burden has been lifted. He was hungering and thirsting for righteousness and received it to satisfaction.
  10. His heart has been made pure and he can see God and fellowship with Him in relationship.
  11. And he will learn an all-new level of blessedness and happiness. He will learn to rejoice always and be glad, giving thanks in all things, even when all sorts of evil turn against him because he belongs to God.