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Scenario: A builder constructs a house, but a strong desert wind blows it down, killing the owner and his son.

Punishment: The builder and his son must be put to death.

Scenario: A man throws a punch, breaking the nose of another man.

Punishment: The first man’s nose must be broken.

Scenario: A woman steals an idol from a temple and gives it to her husband.

Punishment: Both of them must be put to death.

Scenario: A man’s house catches fire, and his neighbor comes to put it out. In the process, the neighbor notices a beautiful jeweled necklace and takes it.

Punishment: The thieving neighbor should be thrown into the same fire.

Scenario: A man goes to water his field, but carelessly floods the field of his neighbor.

Punishment: The man must pay corn to his neighbor to cover the loss of crop.