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We have a new version of our store.

Use the links through the store to make sure you are getting the most recent editions of the books. And remember, you don’t NEED to buy anything to use EP.

*If you’re in a country outside of the US, click through the links in this store, then change .com to the extension you usually order from for Amazon. That will keep you on the right version of the book but have it printed and shipped as locally as is possible for your country, keeping your costs down.*

Lee gets an affiliate bonus when you shop Amazon through our store links. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” I’m supposed to have that sentence on the site. We started adding these affiliate links when Amazon cut our royalties in half!

EP only has offline book courses for our reading, math, and language arts courses 1st through 7th. We are going to start working on an Algebra 1 book with all of the questions worked out. If you don’t want to use the computer at all, check out Genesis Curriculum.

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Offline Bundles

Amazon doesn’t allow us to sell bundles, but the bundle links will get you to everything you need to take a level offline.

PreK – K

First Level Books


Second Level Books


Third Level Books


Fourth  Level Books

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Fifth  Level Books


Sixth  Level Books


Seventh  Level Books


History & Science

Ancient History & Biology

EP Ancient History Printables Levels 5 - 8

Early American History & Zoology

Zoology Printables 1-4 Cover for Store


Geography & Earth Science


Modern History & Physics/Chemistry

EP Modern History Printables Levels 1 through 4


EP Reading


Reader Workbooks


EP Language Arts


EP Math



Getting Ready 2 Handwriting

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