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Use the links through the store to make sure you are getting the most recent editions of the books. And remember, you don’t NEED to buy anything to use EP.

Lee gets an affiliate bonus when you shop Amazon through our store links. There are more affiliate links at the bottom of this page.

EP only has books for our reading, math, and language arts courses. We’re working on books for 1st through 7th. Sixth has reading and language arts so far. Seventh only has reading so far. If you don’t want to use the computer at all, check out Genesis Curriculum. 

New! EP McGuffey Primer is available as an app in the Google Play store. It has all the sight words and stories to practice offline. Search EP McGuffey Primer in the Play Store.
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 Genesis Curriculum

Lee’s Bible-based offline curriculum (includes history and science)

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Lee’s Books

A Week with Jesus




Offline Bundles

Levels 1 – 6 available as bundles

Getting Ready

Getting Ready 1 Boys Printables Workbook

First Level Books


Second Level Books


Third Level Books


Fourth  Level Books

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Fifth  Level Books


Sixth  Level Books


Seventh  Level Books



Year 4

Modern History L




EP Reading



Reader Workbooks



EP Language Arts



EP Math




Getting Ready 2 Handwriting


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VIP Kids – If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can teach English online from home and make $14-22 an hour. My cousin does this and enjoys it! You just have to fill out the application for me to get the benefit; you don’t have to sign up. So if there’s any interest, it only helps to check it out.

VistaPrint – Quick easy posters, business cards, and more

WordPress – This is what EP is made on. People sometimes write and ask how I made the site. This is what I use!

Boxed – Bulk Discount Online Food Shopping

Privacy Pop  Look for 25% off sales and get one for about $100. These are nice when your kids have to share everything to have their own space to themselves. It can also help kids sleep through the night who normally have trouble. I have two kids with these and they adore them. I was so surprised that they loved being shut into them. 20% off with code: RC20