EP Science Fair Winners – 2021

Congrats to everyone who completed a project! Thank you for your participation. Here are our winners. We chose one from each age. The honorable mentions are all those whose scores placed them close to the winners. They are listed below from oldest to youngest. Everyone listed below will receive an award certification and check.


Ariel Thomas – The Science of Spherification: Popping Boba

Asher Bonnet – Which Scooter Jumps Further?

Mariah Rhea – How Electronic Devices Affect our Fitness Abilities

Josh Kavicky – The Paper Towel Experiment

Simon Gendron – Persuasive Scores: Using Music as a Form of Influence

Mya Coleman – In a Blink of an Eye

Xyenia Strong – What Material Magnifies the Heat of the Sun the Most?

Honorable Mention

Camille  Holston – Dancing Raisins

Emily Nordling – Do Different Beverages Stain Your Teeth?

Isaiah Evans – Liquid Conduction

Destin Kang – The Taste of Bottled Water

Penelope Good – Do Cats Prefer Cheap or Expensive Food?

Eloise Sumner – Eww Germs: Which Disinfectant Cleans Germs the Best?