EP Science Fair 2020 Winners

Senior Division

1st Place

Hannah Pedersen  —  My Driving Experiment

Hannah Schumann  —  Moldy Bread

2nd Place

Kaleb Holston/Tahjai Abernathy —  Mold Race

3rd Place

Mackenzie Meetz — The Tongue Map: Is It Accurate?

Ben Kaiser — Chemicals and Corrosion

Honorable Mention

Anders & Annika Kjelland  —  How Objects Affect Sound Waves

Sara Sommer  —  Does height play a role in volleyball efficiency?

Jake Pederson  —  Lighting Fast Reaction

Junior Division Ages 10-12

1st Place

James Duffy IV  —  Bust the Rust!

2nd Place

Jonathan Chipman  —  How Can You Prevent Onions From Making You Cry ?

Peter Pedersen — Flyed Eggs

3rd Place

Chloe Fowler  —  How good is a human’s sense of taste?

Honorable Mention

Brandon Walker  —  Germs Around Us

Nea Rendon  —  Bacteria on animal paws

Ben Moked  —  Beat the Heat

Junior Division Ages 8-9

1st Place

Dylan Lambert  —  A Rainbow of Cat Toys: Do Toy Colors Really Matter To Your Fluffy Friends?

Avery Dewar  —  Do Some Colors Block Ultraviolet Light More Than Other Colors?

2nd Place

Cami Lambert  —  Stressful Times: Testing the Effectiveness of Three Simple Coping Strategies for All Ages

Mercy Stephens  —  Which Method Of Drying Hands is Best

3rd Place

Chase Smith  —  Can You Open This?

Bryce Muncie  —  What is the best time of the day to catch fish?

Honorable Mention

Abbey Salley  —  Can you use clean energy to make a snack?

Beyla Loveless  —  Do Plants Need Soil to Grow?

Judge Favorite

Leila Rigor  —  Stretchy Slime

Congrats to everyone! Let me know if I got any names, ages, or links wrong. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the judging or placement, just me juggling the copy and paste. If you do not receive an award letter, please let me know.