Do Not Worry

  1. There’s a verse in Psalm 37 that says, “Do not fret—it leads only to evil.” I’ve heard that translated, “Do not worry. It only leads to sin.” I thought that was really powerful.
  2. Do we see worry itself as sin?
  3. Jesus says, “Do not worry.” “Don’t be anxious.”
  4. We act like it’s a normal part of life and almost like we’d be wrong to not worry.
  5. But it’s sin. It’s not only disobeying Jesus’ commands, but it’s dishonoring God. How?
  6. Let’s think this through.
  7. Worrying means we’re not trusting something about who God is or we’re afraid He’s not going to give us what we want and we want what we want more than we want what God wants for us.
  8. Either way, you need to remember who God is.
  9. Do you believe God is all-powerful? Is there anything He couldn’t do if He wanted to?
  10. If you believe He’s omnipotent, then you can’t worry He isn’t able to do what you need Him to do.
  11. Do you believe God is all-knowing? Is He aware of what’s going on?
  12. If you believe God is omniscient, then you can’t worry that He doesn’t see the problem or understand the situation.
  13. Do you believe God is in control? Does He have the authority to act?
  14. If you believe that God is sovereign and no one has the greater authority to keep Him from doing what He wills, then you can’t worry that He can’t help you.
  15. Do you believe God is loving? Does He care about you?
  16. If you believe God is love, then you can’t worry that He’s out to get you or has some other motivation than pure heart love for you. He cares about what’s going on.
  17. Do you believe God is good? Can God ever be evil?
  18. God is always and only good! If you believe God is good all the time, then you can’t worry about His plans He’s got for you. They are only going to be for your good.
  19. And if you are worried about not getting what you want, then you need to come to your senses and be thankful for a good and perfectly loving God who is for you and wants what is best for you, which is Him! He’s only after your salvation, bringing you to Himself, which is what we all should want!