Continuing the History

  1. We’ve gone through the history of the Old Testament. Though I do hope to get to the poetry and prophets of the Old Testament, I wanted first to finish going through the history of the Bible.
  2. We’re going to pause and start fresh in the New Testament.
  3. Matthew 1 starts with the genealogy of Jesus from what appears to be Joseph’s line, though his and Mary’s overlap, both descending from David.
  4. Jesus’ lineage is filled with kings, making me think that if the deportation hadn’t happened, Jesus would have been in line for the throne.
  5. Instead, He is raised by a carpenter. Did carpenters ever prepare crosses? We know Jesus slept under the stars He named. We know He was thirsty for the water He made. We know He was tempted in the desert He set the boundaries to. He came into the womb He fashioned.
  6. Joseph puts himself through a tizzy trying to figure out for himself what to do about Mary’s pregnancy. He confers with himself. He’s thinking it over and discussing it with himself. Ever do that? I do it too much, and am seeking to stop. Why would I ask myself what I should do, when I have the God of the universe who has all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge at hand to ask?
  7. It makes no sense. Joseph put himself through a real struggle and comes to his conclusion. But God intervenes. I’m so thankful that even if I mess up and confer with myself and make a wrong decision, God is willing to step in and redirect. Please keep me in Your way, Lord! Don’t let me create my own path!
  8. God speaks directly to Joseph in a dream, and to his credit, Joseph believes and obeys.