Character List

Character List:


Buck: A large, intelligent and well-bred dog.

Spitz: A cruel lead sled dog.

Curley: A good-natured Newfoundland.

Dave: A member of the team.

Sol-leks: A member of the team.

Billie: A member of the team.

Joe: A member of the team.

Dub: A member of the team.

Dolly: A member of the team.

Skeet: A dog that is owned by John Thornton.

Nig: A dog that is owned by John Thornton.

John Thornton: Buck’s master.

Lone Wolf: The wild counterpart of Buck.

Judge Miller: The original owner of Buck.

Manuel: A worker on Judge Miller’s estate.


Red sweater: He is a ruthless man and thinks that a dog need to be beaten in order to be properly disciplined.

Francois: A Canadian Frenchman who is the original dogsled driver.

Perrault: An agent of the Canadian government.

Hal: The man who purchases Buck and his team after they are no longer useful to the government.

Charles: Hal’s brother-in-law.

Mercedes: Hal’s sister and Charles’ wife.

John Thornton: The man who rescues Buck from Hal’s cruelty.

Pete, Hans: John’s partners.

“Black” Burton: Man in the bar.

Matthewson: Man who bets John that Buck is not capable of performing.

Jim O’Brien: Man who loans John money.

Yeehats: The group of Valley Indians.


From: StudyWorld Study Notes, Call of the Wild