1. This map has one person’s best attempt at drawing the boundaries as described. Genesis 15 describes a larger area. Rivers can move; they meander. But let’s look at this.
    2. I look at this and see they are all pretty close.
    3. The green is modern-day Israel.
    4. The yellow is Lebanon. The purple is Jordan, on the other side of the Jordan. The land of Gilead is where Reuben and Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh chose to settle. The peachy color is Syria.
    5. They settled. They settled in enemy territory while thinking it was theirs to hold onto.
    6. What are you settling for?
    7. Have you settled for assurance of salvation and not entered into God’s kingdom here on earth?
    8. God’s kingdom isn’t something in heaven. It’s something in us.
    9. The disciples were to go around preaching, “The Kingdom is near.” Why? It was in them. They brought the kingdom with them wherever they went.
    10. Jesus came that His disciples, His brothers and sisters, would have life to the full.
    11. Are you dealing with life instead of overcoming and celebrating life?
    12. Do you moan and groan that it’s another day to face or do you rejoice in the day the Lord has made and thrill in what plans He has for you in this day?
    13. Are you doing the daily grind or are you living to love and to serve?
    14. Are you a cheerful giver of your time, money, resources, energy because you have overflowing kingdom life in you, or do you hold back because you need it for yourself?
    15. There’s abundant life out there for the taking. Jesus came to give it to you. You have to receive it.
    16. Yes, it looks like surrender. Reuben would have had to walk away from the green pasturelands that looked perfect. Just like all of Christianity. It takes an act of faith.
    17. But the gift waiting for us is God’s best choice for us in all His wisdom, knowledge, love, and goodness.
    18. When you really know the Love of Christ, you can be filled with all the fullness of God.
    19. Don’t miss out this good and perfect gift from God.