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Book Aid will close this summer and open again in the fall after our busy season ends.

Continental US only!

Please use our placement guides (Reading Placement Guide) before you order if you aren’t already using our curriculum. If you’re not using our curriculum, try it out online for free! Everything in these books is already online for free. This is for people without internet at home or other extreme circumstances. These are the only books being offered for free. Please do not request other books or computers.

Make sure your email address is correct. If I have a question and can’t reach you, you may not get your books. Also, please put in your full name for me to put on the package label.

Please allow up to a month to receive your books.

These books aren’t free; shipping isn’t free. I am paying for them. If you are able to pay part of the price by making a donation, even if you couldn’t pay for it all, I’d appreciate it.