Alphabetize your bibliography by each author’s last name. If there is no author, then use the first main word of the title.
There are different styles for doing this. Here’s ours. You may be asked at different times in your student career to do it a different way.

1. Book with one author
Clockett, Brian. Tall Buildings. Boston: Twayne, 1988.

2. Book with more than one author
Elmore, Andrew, and Linda C. Wood. Windows on the World. New York:
Walker, 1982.

3. Article in a magazine
Britain, Barbara, “A Matter of Taste.” MacDuffy, February 15, 1993,

4. Article in a newspaper
Johnson, Elizabeth, “Egyptians Race to Gold Medal,” The Globalist, February 12, 1993. p. B1.

5. Article in an encyclopedia
Humble, Frederick. “Cycling.”  The British Encyclopedia, 1978.

6. Video or Film
Shooting Ducks.  Video.  National Film Board,
1947. 29 min.

7. Radio or television program
“Guam.”  Discovery.  PBS,  November 9, 2002.

8. Interview
Daphney, Derrick (musician). Personal interview, Philadelphia, May 5, 2016.

9. Information from the Internet
Include the web site address and the date the information was researched. (January 1, 2001)


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