In the first century AD, the Roman world spread into the south of England.  Later, new settlers came to northern England from what is now Germany, Denmark, and Holland.

Southern England had Roman roads and cities and lived by Roman ways. The north and south were divided by Hadrian’s Wall, a fortification built by the Romans.

Hadrian's Wall

“Barbarians” is the name Romans gave the Saxons and Angles from Germany and Scandinavia. Instead of living in cities like the Romans, they lived in villages and were farmers. Since they were farmers, they lived by the water, the sea and rivers. This meant they were sailors too. They built ships, and like the Vikings, traveled and traded and found new lands to settle in, as well as raided places like the Roman part of Britain.

The Romans pulled out of Britain in 410 AD, leaving Britain to defend itself from new invaders.

Can you answer these questions?

Where were the Romans settled in England?
in the South
in the North
on the coast

Who were “barbarians?”
Roman invaders

The Anglo-Saxons were farmers and skilled with ships.

Hadrian’s Wall was built to…
defend the Romans from the barbarians
block further Roman invasion
have a monument that you can see from space