Short Story Contest Winners 2021


14-17 year olds

First Place – Kristen Miller – Formaldehyde and Forgiveness

Second Place – Grace Lakin –  AI on Strike

Third Place – Bethany Sauereisen – Scaling the Mountain

Honorable Mention – Justin Fleming – The Crunches of the Climb

Honorable Mention – Liyanda Dube- You Need a Parachute

Honorable Mention – Lia Byelich – Stumbling Upon Serotown

13 year olds

First Place – Jovie Gainer – Up the Path and Through the Woods

Second Place – Adanna Hunter –  Supernova

Third Place – Aliyah Hughes – Peek-a-boo

Honorable Mention – Selah Hughes – Pegasus

12 year olds

First Place – Nessa DeLonay – Moriko and the Squirrel

Second Place – Jackson Cummins –  Spies of the Ocean

Third Place – Annie Nilsen – Annie’s Shakes and Cakes

Honorable Mention – Isabella Brown – Justice

11 year olds

First Place – Justine Seeger – Rivermoon’s Tale

Second Place – Emma Ramey – The Witch of the Woods

Third Place – Nonie Tan – The Best Boring Nickname

Honorable Mention – Joseph Pendergrass – The Adventure of Dino and the Kitty Sisters

8-9-10 year olds

First Place – Dina Lubman – The Diary of a Frozen Challah

Second Place – Skylynn Boling – The Princesses of Ebonia

Third Place – Rose Caldwell – A Very Strange House

Honorable Mention – Zachary E Pierre – The Knight Who Wouldn’t Move


Note: Age categories came about based on the number of entries, making the number of entries in each category pretty even.