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What is Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool?   

We exist to help families homeschool. We enable families to homeschool who thought they couldn’t because of a lack of finances, a lack of time, or a lack of know-how. Others join EP just because it’s easy and fun and they’re confident of the quality of education. EP seeks to free families from the burden of pursuing the “perfect” and encourages them to let it be “enough.” Each family and each child is different and we seek to provide the resources to enable your family to be who you were meant to be.

In 2011 I began putting my children’s assignments online so that they can work independently and so that I have the assignments saved for their younger siblings. I also wrote it from the beginning to be able to be used by other families. EP grade levels and individual courses include 180 days of homeschool lessons and assignments. It covers reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, math, history/social studies/geography, science, Spanish, Bible, computer, music, art, PE/health, and logic. It uses only free materials found on the internet.

This site holds preschool (getting ready 1), kindergarten (getting ready 2), and first through eighth. (We have a separate high school site.) Grade levels include all of the English, math, computer and logic. The other subjects are combined into “program years” so that all of your children can study the same topic at the same time. Year 1’s theme is ancient history and biology. Year 2 has early American history and zoology for the theme. Year 3 is earth science and geography and cultures as  the theme. Year 4’s theme is modern history, physics and chemistry.

Your child just goes to Day 1 on his or her level (found in the sidebar) and starts clicking through the assignments! That’s all!

And yes, it’s all free. You’ll need paper, pencil, etc. and some minor supplies if you choose to do the experiments and art projects, but all of the reading materials, etc. are all free and online.

My hope is to enable families to continue homeschooling no matter their life circumstances. A sister site, All-in-One Highschool, holds the high school courses that are being made.

You can read more about the curriculum on the About and How To pages. You can also see if your questions have been answered on the FAQ page.

Note: EP is not an online school. We are a homeschool resource. Your home is the school! You are the administrator! We’re just here to help you on your way.

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August 10, 2014 at 5:22 pm

Two Day Sale

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EP Tees store is having a sale! We’ve extended the dates through Thursday.

There is new product in our EP Tees store, an EP tote bag that you can preorder now for just $8.99! The price goes up on Friday.


If you are wanting to get a portfolio together, Jessica, my faithful assistant and our EP Tees store owner, is offering portfolio binders complete with EP cover. They include everything you need to complete a child’s portfolio whether you need it to comply with your state requirements or for your own personal records.

Each Portfolio contains:

· Blank transcript
· 180 Day Attendance Checklist
· 9 Individual Course Sections including: Course Description, Course Check list, and Printed Grade sheets.

As no two home school families are the same, parents choose which courses that they need in their portfolio books up to 9 Courses. There is also the option of choosing a blank course pages to complete yourself.


This is also your last chance to get your EP Tees at $12.99.

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May 11, 2015 at 12:59 pm

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Happy Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day cards and quotes can sometimes make us feel like we aren’t up to par, which is why my mother wrote this song for our church children’s choir back when I was a kid. I don’t remember all the words, but you’ll get the idea.

“No mother’s perfect; they fuss and they fret.
No mother’s perfect; they make you change if your shoes are wet.
But I’m not complaining, it’s funny, you see,
That’s how I know that she loves me.

No mother’s perfect; they yell and they scream.
No mother’s perfect; they make you keep your room clean.
But I’m not complaining, it’s funny, you see,
That’s how I know that she loves me.”

You may not feel on top of it all, but you love your kids. I know you do. You homeschool. :)

You may not feel on top of it all, but you love your kids. I know you do. You homeschool. :)

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May 10, 2015 at 5:11 am

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Today (Tuesday the 23rd) we’re working on updating the quietube links on the site. If you have one that’s not working, you can change the 6 to a 7 in the address bar or copy out the youtube address from the address bar and just use the video directly on youtube..

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March 25, 2015 at 4:15 pm

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EP Seventh Reader

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EP Seventh Reader Days 1-90          EP Seventh Reader Days 91-180    Find them in the EP Store.

The final color of the rainbow is ready. Our violet EP Seventh Reader is in print. This is the final book in our EP Reader Series which has put our reading courses into book form. Like the other readers the assignment directions and the readings have been included.

Online vocabulary activities have been replaced with matching and multiple choice activities found in the book. The students are instructed to write their answers on a separate piece of paper. We had a family produce workbooks for us where you can do these vocabulary activities and more.

Where there were online lessons, I created my own versions in the book so that your student won’t be missing out on any learning.

There is one big difference with this last reader. There are times in the first 21 days where part of the assignment must be done online. You can see an example below. It was mostly because I couldn’t write my own summary and analysis for Idylls of the King by Tennyson. They will read that online and then the poem portions are in the book.

These are mega books, each well over 500 pages. You can see examples from the book below. I don’t have my copy yet to take pictures. These are from my Word document.


idylls of the king example

This shows where there is a link they need to use to complete the assignment (only in the first 21 days).



This example shows a vocabulary activity.



This example shows a lesson created in the book to take the place of an online lesson, in the case it was about inferences.



Ready to buy?  Days 1-90   Days 91-180

workbook-cover7-front  Learn more about the workbook.

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February 8, 2015 at 8:23 am

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Is There Joy in Your Home?

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[I wrote this post on Facebook after reading the message I quote at the beginning.]

“12 days into our new school year with Easy Peasy and we are ALL enjoying homeschooling more than we have in YEARS. We never had time for the extras or even free time before. We spent so much time bogged down in JUST the basics with very little to show for it. Now, we not only get to everything, but even in just two weeks I see joy and interest and the ever famed FREE time returning! We have tried all the “best” and most expensive curriculums… and it turns out the very best was right in front of us… and for the very best price of all!”

When I started EP, I wanted to help those struggling financially to be able to continue homeschooling, but I love hearing how EP has brought joy into homes. Too many people define successful homeschooling as children getting into top schools or winning top scholarships. I define successful homeschooling as learning and growing together and enjoying the experience.

I read more and more about the importance of passion in education, in life, in work, even in college admissions and scholarships. If kids are bogged down and bored, there is no passion. It’s not that my kids can’t wait to do their school each day (some things they really enjoy, some things they just do because they have to), but they each have their own passions. EP gives them a great foundation of education, and frees them to spend time on their passions (and I even get to see them put to use some of those foundational lessons from school).

How often do we hear of college students who keep switching majors because they don’t know what they want to do? It’s the same with twenty somethings who are still trying to figure out who they are. Homeschool kids don’t have that problem. They didn’t spend their entire education pretending to be someone they aren’t just to fit in. They get to be themselves at all times and are loved for it. They can come out of homeschool already having spent countless hours getting better and better at what they love to do and showing that passion will make them stand out from all the rest.

So maybe I want to say, when you homeschool, don’t try to fit the mold, whatever mold you are looking at and trying to be like. Every single family is different. Every single kid is different. Don’t try to squeeze your kids, or yourself, into a mold that wasn’t designed for you. Be you. Let your kids be themselves, and enjoy the opportunity to live and learn and grow together in your homeschool.

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February 3, 2015 at 5:10 am

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